Focacceria Mediterranea is a concentrate of flavours and perfumes of the Earth..

We are producers of antique grains and we take care of each step from farming to milling - only by doing so we are capable of guaranteeing doughs of superior quality.The relationship with our miller Vincenzo is a fixed point for our activity. Vincenzo has restored the old mill of his grandfather and the stone milling guarantees that the kernels do not get burned and that the germ does not get damaged. Exclusively with him we mill our “minor” cereals with non intensive techniques and in the full respect of the environment and of the soils that we rotate.

Eating is an important and vital ethical act, and the love for Earth, the passion we have for Mediterranean cuisine, is our strength to make you feel good at the table.

To feed at best our customers, to have them enjoy intense flavours without intoxicating them, but rather proposing an healthy and genuine meal has always been a point of honour in our search of quality raw materials. That’s the reason why with us you can taste fresh products like the bread we take out of the oven each morning, the mozzarella, caciocavallo, burrata,focaccia, calzoni, panzerotti, filled pizzas, rolls and many other items from the best Italiana e Campanian tradition. Remarkable is also the choice of the wines proposed to accompany our specialities, also belonging to the enological tradition of Campania.

  Gerardo & Luca         (Per prenotazioni, servizio da asporto, catering, menù di laurea e anniversari  TEL 051.0934933)